Outside the belly of the beast at Ronald Reagan Library

What happens when a couple of Democrats show up at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California? Well, the first thing is that they don’t go inside, because admission is $16 per person, and what sane Democrat would spend $16 to honor Ronald Reagan’s memory? But the outside of the Library is very telling, and of course they let you in the gift shop, because Republicans. We took photos that tell the full sordid story, so read on after the jump:

Once you arrive (on government highways oh no!), and seeing surprisingly few welfare Cadillacs in the parking lot, you’re first greeted with the image of Reagan saluting, military style. Too bad Reagan never did a Codpiece Carrier Landing like George W. Bush:


The Library’s hilltop setting seems to be modeled on Hitler’s Berghof:


A sign warns that the property is a “Natural habitat for rattlesnakes.” Truer words were never spoken:


There’s a chunk of the Berlin Wall out back. Mr. Reagan, tear down this wall between church and state:


Average age at the Ronald Reagan Library? Depends:


Average number of black people present? One:


F-14 fighter parked around back reminds you once again whose interests were served under Reagan’s reign:


Inside the gift shop, the words “Reagan” and “Library” seem like the ultimate oxymoron:


“Reagan yo-yo” is more like it:


They let a black guy into the gift shop to pose with George Washington?


And with other presidents?


They let his black wife in too? Somebody call security!


We finished the visit with a Pepsi from Mexico that we smuggled in. Hopefully, Republicans would again turn a blind eye at Reagan’s granting amnesty to an “illegal.”


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