What “freedom” means to a liberal

Republicans and conservatives (but I repeat myself) have tried to own the word “freedom.” But we know what “freedom” means to them: freedom from having a job or the right to organize, freedom from having health insurance, freedom for corporations to run amok in America. Liberals have a different view of “freedom.” On July 4th, here is some of what freedom means to a liberal:

–Freedom from being shot by a criminal, terrorist or mentally ill person who had no problem buying a gun.

–Freedom of choice for women to make reproductive health decisions without Big Government telling them what to do.

–Freedom to breathe clean air and to drink and bathe in clean water.

–Freedom from poverty.

–Freedom from a military industrial complex that pushes for unjust and unintelligent wars because they’re good for business.

–Freedom from extreme right wing judicial activist Supreme Court judges who legislate from the bench.

–Freedom to marry the consenting, non-related adult human of your choice.

–Freedom of religion, even if it’s a religion other people don’t like.

–Freedom from unwarranted government surveillance.

–Freedom to exercise the right to vote.

–Freedom from crushing student debt doubled by a political party that is captive to big banks.

–Freedom to organize in the workplace for safe working conditions and a living wage.

What other freedoms do you cherish or hope for?

Happy July 4th!

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