Let’s all be from Missouri

Aside from its position as a somewhat centrist state both geographically and politically, Missouri is of course most famous for its no-nonsense “Show me” motto. That motto was embodied in one of Missouri’s favorite sons, President Harry S. Truman. As Truman might have said, “Show me” should be the first response to any ridiculous Republican talking point.

“Obama is a socialist”? Show me.

“Obama’s gonna take my guns away”? Show me.

“America is about to collapse”? Show me.

“Homosexuals getting married threatens my marriage”? Show me.

When practicing “Show me” responses to Republican talking points, be prepared for the person you’re talking with to respond by following up their first talking point with another talking point, all parroted from Fox, Limbaugh and other usual right wing sources. For example:

“Obama is a socialist.”

“Really? Show me.

“Just look at Obamacare. It’s a government takeover of health care.”

If that happens, rather than playing defense and denying the false charge, or reciting a slew of data which will simply bounce off the right winger’s chest, follow up your original “Show me” with another “Show me.” At some point, and that point may occur very quickly, your conversation partner will likely become speechless, flustered, or red-faced and upset, because they won’t have evidence to back up their outlandish statements. Instead, they will probably just go away, perhaps with a parting “moron,” “idiot,” or one of the perennial right wing favorites, “Nazi” or “Hitler.” Then you’ll know you’ve won the argument.



2 Responses to Let’s all be from Missouri
  1. Michelle DiSanto
    March 13, 2013 | 7:57 am

    Sadly, one of our brilliant repug legislators has put a bill on the table to change our wonderful state motto to “The River State”. He claims it will create revenue by attracting more tourists. Idiots.

  2. Robert Pool
    March 13, 2013 | 8:20 pm

    I’ll have to remember this the next time I have to argue with a conservative. Facts do, after all, have a liberal bias.

    I also suggest that the next venture for the Koch brothers is for finding a cure for Nazi Tourettes. The right wing hate machine really needs it.

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