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Republicans, embroiled in civil war, cave on revenue frame

It has been Republican dogma for the past several years or longer that “we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.” Kowtowing to private citizen Grover Norquist and his “no tax increase in any form, under any circumstances” pledge, Republicans in Congress and elsewhere have heretofore rejected any kind of balanced approach to shrinking the U.S. debt and deficit that involves raising revenues in any way. In one famous moment at their August 11, 2011 debate in Iowa, the Republican presidential candidates all rejected even a hypothetical solution that consisted of a ten to one ratio of spending cuts to tax increases. However, in the wake of their considerable defeat in the 2012 elections, the Republican wall against raising revenues is now crumbling.

Political Phrases Used by Republicans

The following is a list of phrases widely used by Republicans in the political arena.  These simple, catchy phrases, many of which were developed using focus groups, are part of the Republicans’ successful, coordinated effort to frame issues in their favor.  See how many of these phrases you recognize as part of everyday political discourse that you read or hear in the media or in discussions with people you know.  Notice how nearly all of the phrases are loaded terms, framed by the Republicans to benefit their party and/or to criticize the Democratic Party.