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What “freedom” means to a liberal

Messaging Matters2

Republicans and conservatives (but I repeat myself) have tried to own the word “freedom.” But we know what “freedom” means to them: freedom from having a job or the right to organize, freedom from having health insurance, freedom for corporations to run amok in America. Liberals have a different view of “freedom.” On July 4th, here is some of what freedom means to a liberal:

Taking “freedom” back

Messaging Matters2

The hottest Republican buzzword today is “freedom.” It shows up in NRA talking points, names of groups like FreedomWorks, names of bills like South Carolina’s Firearms Freedom Act, which would exempt guns manufactured and used in South Carolina from federal gun safety laws, and elsewhere. That’s because, like motherhood and apple pie, everyone favors “freedom.” Moreover, the word is designed to root into voters’ subconscious to make the talking points, organizations and bills more appealing. It’s brainwashing. If you doubt that, check out how the right-wing National Taxpayers Union counted the number of times the word “freedom” appeared in the Democrats’ 2009 health care bill. But Democrats are the true defenders of freedom, if only they would go on offense and say so. Here’s how: