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Dick Cheney, CNN's go-to right wing apologist

Dick Cheney, CNN’s go-to right wing apologist

In 2015, the traditional news media — what we call the Corporate Mainstream Media — have continued to move to the right, in some cases sharply so. These television and newspaper media outlets are no longer reliable conveyors of facts that Americans need to make decisions at the voting booth and elsewhere. We should ditch these corporate mainstream media. Instead, we need to become our own news aggregators.

Here are some of the many examples of the mainstream news media’s rightward drift:


New York Times

Op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd has been on a 20-year warpath against Bill and Hillary Clinton. The rest of the New York Times seems to have followed suit, with stories such as this one and this one, which was so false, prejudicial and shoddily sourced that it required an apology from the Times’ Public Editor. This from the same newspaper that featured Judith Miller‘s falsely sourced Iraq War cheerleading on behalf of the Bush administration.

Washington Post

Chris Cilizza at The Fix has joined Maureen Dowd in irrational anti-Clinton writings. Pieces from just the past two days include Cilizza’s article entitled “Democrats like Hillary Clinton. Her problem is they don’t love her” and this tweet, upon learning that the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her State Department tenure would be released Monday night at 9 p.m.:


CNN has become the ISIS Scare Channel. CNN’s ISIS frenzy reached a peak when its reporter and anchor mistook a satirical dildo flag for an actual ISIS flag that they surmised was presenting a threat to an LGBT rally in London. That’s in addition to airing the latest stupidity from Don Lemon, or encouraging Dick Cheney to criticize Hillary Clinton’s email practices without mentioning that Cheney’s colleague Colin Powell did the same thing.


Following its parent company’s majority takeover by the conservative Comcast Corporation, MSNBC is in the midst of a corporate purge that has seen the cancellation of programs with more liberal hosts such as Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz and Rev. Al Sharpton. Meanwhile, conservative Republican Joe Scarborough keeps his show.

What to do?

If news readers and viewers are to make informed decisions, they must unplug from this conservative corporate mainstream media, and become their own news aggregators. This can be done in two easy steps:

1. Pick trusted sources of news and information. We won’t advise conservatives on how to do this, because they are too invested in right wing phony news sources such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, etc. to seek real facts. The rest of you can decide for yourself what’s accurate and useful information, but here are a few examples:

  • BBC News (you won’t believe how comprehensive BBC is in providing information from around the world if you switch from a mainstream American “news” source);
  • Daily Kos;
  • Crooks and Liars;
  • Media Matters for America (which critiques and corrects right wing news media lies);
  • On satellite radio, the SiriusXM Progress channel 127, which features political talk shows Stephanie Miller, Mark Thompson, Michelangelo Signorile and others. Likewise, the SiriusXM Insight channel 121 features programs such as “Tell Me Everything” hosted by John Fugelsang, and “Startalk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson,” a science-related show;
  • Individual journalists. You don’t have to follow a media outlet. You can simply follow particular journalists whom you trust. Virtually all of them have Facebook and Twitter pages. One frequently mentioned name is Chris Hedges, whose column is published weekly on Truthdig;
  • Podcasts. While conservatives have their right wing hate radio, others compete with podcasts, which are often free. A couple of popular ones are MSNBC Rachel Maddow and The Majority Report with Sam Seder.

Note that some of these sources are liberal in their viewpoint, but the difference between them and the conservative media is that these sources deal in actual facts, and when they get it wrong, you’ll see them get corrected by commenters, and make corrections themselves. At any rate, these are merely a few suggestions to get you started. You should do your own research, and pick your own news sources.

2. Follow these sources on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to create your own news feeds. Then you have a headline service that surpasses even the traditional news media “wire services” (in fact, services such as the Associated Press and Reuters will be included in your feed if you make it complete enough) in scope and speed of incoming stories.

You’ll be amazed at not only the new flow of facts coming your way, but the variety of important stories that real media outlets cover, instead of the few shiny objects on which the corporate mainstream media focus. If you see stories you like or which you think are important, there’s also a third simple step you can take:

3. Share. That way, you’re not just a news aggregator, you’re a broadcaster as well.

Photo by Ninian Reid, used under Creative Commons license.

2 Responses to Bypass the corporate mainstream media
  1. Larry Boatman
    September 21, 2015 | 11:37 am

    I have the following alphabetical list (with links) on the Website link above:

    Where to get real news
    AdBusters through Arts and Letters Daily
    Alliance for Democracy
    Alternative Medicine
    Arts and Letters Daily
    Bad Subjects through BuzzFlash
    Bad Subjects
    Commercial Alert through Consortium News
    Commercial Alert
    Common Dreams
    Consortium News
    Democracy Now through Dissent Magazine
    Democracy Now
    Digital Divide Network
    Dissent Magazine
    Environmental Working Group through Environmental News Network
    Environmental Working Group
    Environmental News Network
    FactCheck through Flashpoints
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
    Global Exchange through Greg Palast
    Global Exchange
    Greg Palast
    Idealist through Institute for Public Accuracy
    Independent Media Center
    In These Times
    Institue for Agriculture and Trade Policy
    Institute for Public Accuracy
    Jim Hightower
    KFAI to KPFA
    Media Access Project to Ms. Magazine
    Media Access Project
    Media Education Foundation
    Media Matters
    Middle East Research and Information Project
    Mosaic – Streaming Middle East News
    Ms. Magazine
    National Radio Project through NewPages Weblog
    National Radio Project
    NewPages Weblog
    One World through OpenSecrets
    One World
    Paul Craig Roberts to PBS – Bill Moyer’s Journal
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Paul Krugman (New York Times)
    PBS – Bill Moyer’s Journal
    Radio Free World to Robert McChesney
    Radio Free World
    Robert McChesney
    The American Prospect through Truthout
    The American Prospect
    The Nation
    The Progressive
    The Sun
    The Washington Spectator
    Utne reader
    WCPT-AM and FM – Chicago’s Progressive Talk Radio

  2. Messaging Matters
    September 21, 2015 | 11:52 am

    Thanks @Larry! We hope you will add us to your list as well.

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