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CNN leads news with Miley Cyrus, gets nailed by the Onion


CNN has done it again. On a day filled with important news about Syria, Martin Luther King, Fort Hood and more, led its headlines yesterday with … Miley Cyrus at the Video Music Awards. Deservedly, the Onion had a field day with this, writing a satirical piece so biting and truthful that’s managing editor, Meredith Artley, had to take to Twitter to say that she didn’t in fact write the Onion piece.

CNN, you may recall, made its bones with fabulous in-person coverage of the first Gulf-War in 1991. How sad that CNN has now twerked its way down to its current level of “journalism.”

Virginia isn’t for Republicans

A new Quinnipiac University poll released today in the 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial election shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Virginia’s Republican Attorney, General Ken Cuccinelli, by 48-42 percent. These results could be a bad omen for Republicans around the country, for a number of reasons:

President Obama on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Last night, President Barack Obama gave an impressive interview to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. Obama was perhaps as confident and comfortable as he’s ever appeared as President. Why does this matter? Because, in politics, optics matter. Style as well as substance matters. The Tonight Show still gets strong ratings, and viewership across the country soars when President Obama sits down with Jay Leno. So let’s check out what Obama said and how he said it:

The Democrats’ three-word slogan for 2014

The run-up to the 2014 Congressional elections is in full swing. You can be sure that Republicans are sharpening their talking points for the upcoming campaigns. We’ll likely be hearing all about a supposed lackluster economy, tepid employment picture, and that demonic “Obamacare.” Now is the time, therefore, for Democrats and progressives to hone their arguments and talking points to counter those of the Republicans and, better yet, to drive the conversation from the get-go. Here are the three words to use against the Republicans: