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Messaging Maxim #5: Make it Personal

During the 2009-2010 debate over the Affordable Care Act, Messaging Matters called for the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress to put forth a procession of people who could tell their personal stories about being denied healthcare insurance or coverage. That did not happen, at least until very late in the process, and the ACA’s reputation never quite recovered from unanswered or poorly answered Republican attacks. What we were calling for can now be termed Messaging Maxim #5: Make it Personal.

What “freedom” means to a liberal

Republicans and conservatives (but I repeat myself) have tried to own the word “freedom.” But we know what “freedom” means to them: freedom from having a job or the right to organize, freedom from having health insurance, freedom for corporations to run amok in America. Liberals have a different view of “freedom.” On July 4th, here is some of what freedom means to a liberal: