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Guest Post: Last Days of the Disinformation Age

Messaging Matters presents this guest post from Kenny Pick, creator and host of the “Turn Up the Night with Kenny Pick” political talk show:


Did you know that fluoride was introduced to the American water supply as a Communist mind-control plot? Remember the kid from the Life cereal commercials, Mikey? His stomach exploded from drinking soda and eating pop rocks. What about all the Satanic heavy metal music in the 80’s that was responsible for a rash of teen suicides in America? How about those FEMA Death Camps that await us all? Also, the HPV vaccination that causes mental retardation, and the Obama administration‘s deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

There is one thing each topic has in common: They are false statements easily disproved by a simple internet search. They are myths, urban legends, lies, and most importantly, disinformation.

As Bachmann quits, Dole and Snowe tell GOP it’s too crazy

As extreme right wing Republican U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota announced today that she was quitting the Congress, former mainstream Republican U.S. Senators Robert Dole  and Olympia Snowe both told interviewers that the Republican Party has veered dangerously off course. While Bachmann could end up with a broadcasting platform on Fox “News” or elsewhere, Republicans would do well to ignore her and listen to Dole and Snowe instead.

The two magic words for the Democrats

While it’s easy to get caught up in the mainstream media’s focus on the latest small shiny object, Democrats should take a deep breath and ask themselves, “What do we stand for?” In our Messaging Manifesto for Democrats published over two years ago, we provided a possible answer in just two words. Here’s how Democrats can get back to basics and promote fundamental Democratic Party values in the current political and media climate:

The three realities that could destroy the Republican Party

Republicans seem to be enjoying this week of small shiny “scandals.” They’d better celebrate while they can, because there are three realities that, if unaddressed, could effectively kill the Republican Party’s national success:

Senator Elizabeth Warren: the Democrats’ communications star

The video above is the latest example demonstrating that U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is the Democrats’ communications rock star, and the conscience — or what should be the conscience — of the Democratic Party. Here, Warren does everything right when introducing her new bill to give students the same rate on their loans as banks get from the Federal Reserve:

Rush Limbaugh hurt by advertiser boycott

Rush Limbaugh continues to learn a lesson about free speech. When Limbaugh expressed his free speech rights calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” on the air in early 2012 for calling for health care coverage for contraception, many Americans said “enough is enough” and demanded that Limbaugh’s radio advertisers exit Limbaugh’s show. Many advertisers have done just that, and today, reports emerged that Limbaugh’s deal with Cumulus Media, whose 40-station network carries Limbaugh’s radio show and has lost as much as $ 5.5 million from the Limbaugh advertiser boycott, may be headed for the rocks.