Jesse LaGreca: Occupy Wall Street’s First Media Star

Daily Kos blogger Jesse LaGreca recently became Occupy Wall Street‘s first bona fide media star when he gave a scathing interview to Fox “News” (see video above). Note how Jesse takes the loaded, biased questions from Fox’s Griff Jenkins and reframes them to answer the questions by listing almost all major Progressive talking points. Jesse was so effective that Fox reportedly has not even aired the interview.

This is an important lesson for Progressives and Democrats, which goes back to the Messaging Manifesto For Democrats: rather than reacting within the Right’s biased framing of issues and questions, which occur whenever they appear on Fox for an interview, Democrats and Progressives must “create and repeat their own powerful frames through which to characterize the issues and their solutions.” And that’s exactly what Jesse LaGreca does.

Based on this interview and subsequent television appearances, Jesse LaGreca certainly has a future in activism, political communications, and, if he wants, politics too.

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